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Rev. Larry Schneider








January 23rd
Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: "Change Your Mind--Change Your World"

One of humankind's greatest gifts is our ability to change our minds. Millions of men and women have dramatically improved their lives because they were able to change their minds. They replaced thoughts of fear, anger, limitation, and judgment with thoughts of inner peace, well-being, discernment, and an authentic view of the world. They changed their minds, and it changed their worlds.

This lesson highlights notable people who made "change of mind" a central point in their teachings: Jesus, William James, Charles Fillmore, and Dr. Phil (yes, Dr. Phil). Additionally, Rev. Larry will share his personal experience of holding limiting thoughts in mind and the process of changing those thoughts, which led him to transforming his life. Experience a world that is literally Heaven on Earth--by changing our minds.